November 11, 2018 Sermon

When you fly on a plane, it can make us a ball of nerves, right? When the "fasten seatbelt" sign comes on, it could mean that you're about to take off. Or, about to land. could be mid-flight, meaning turbulance. When we go through turbulance, we can be nervous, anxious, and afraid.

When we go through our lives, there are times that God turns on the "fasten seatbelt" sign. He doesn't create the turbulance, but He says that you will have trouble. But, He also says that He will overcome. What is your turbulence? Your health? Your relationships? Your finances? A course correction? Your job or career? When we undergo turbulence, we are out of control. We don't like to be out of control; we want to hold the throttle and drive. However, we've never been in control, have we? The Lord is in control.

Think about The Bible. It's not filled with feel-good messages all the time. It's filled over and over again with turbulent times. The comforting thing is that God's Hand is in the midst of the turbulence. He's not in a panic. He's always on time. He's got this.

Once there was a virgin teenager who was told that she was going to have a baby, the Son of God. Does that sound like a situation that is calm, comfortable, and easy? See, we want everything to work out. We want everything to be under control and "back to normal". But, The Bible has guaranteed us that we will have times that are out of control and abnormal. When we go through the fire and the flood, we need to understand that we are vulnerable and dependent on Him.

What are your options? Overreaction? Worry? Fear? None of these things are productive at all. These are feelings that we have when we desire to control our times of turbulence. The only thing we can do that is productive is to know that God is in control and that His Purposes that cannot be thwarted.

Paul suffered through a lot of turbulence. Shipwrecked off Malta. Thrown in prison in Rome. Did God leave Paul? No, God was there the whole time working on Paul to help him through this turbulence. When he struggled, did Paul get angry, get bitter, and become rage-filled? Was his anxious? Nervous? Paul continually looked to God for help; he knew that The Lord would take the lead and guide him through the turbulence.

When we go through turbulence, we can become anxious and get distracted. But in everything, present your request to God. Are you still anxious? You might be. God can certainly answer prayers immediately, but He may want you to go through a process of prayer in order to be relieved.

Look at the mystery of your requests of God. Does God need you to tell Him what you're going through? Absolutely not; He already knows. The mystery is not one for Him to solve, but for us to solve. Pour out what is in you to God. God wants to go deeper through the heart of the request. If you dig deep into the fear or anxiety, it will reveal to us "the why"; many of our requests don't have surface needs, but deep needs. If you need a job, is it about the job? No, it's about the fear of what pain or financial struggle that you'll expect to see if you don't have a job that pays your enough income. God wants to whisper to you "I got this."

The result of passing the control off to The Lord leads to the peace that goes beyond understanding.

Phillipeans 4:4-9

- Jon Bruney
(credit to Andy Stanley)

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