January 13, 2019 Sermon

God wants to allow us to have an opportunity to be a part of something that is so much greater than ourselves. Our we going to hold God off at a distance or are we going to take this opportunity and seize it? Big problems equal great miracles. The greater the problem, the greater the miracle that God can perform, right?

In Mark, there were over 5,000 men who were hangry. They were starving and getting upset. The crowd must have been 20,000-plus. The Disciples discovered that there were only 5 small loaves of bread and 2 fish to feed the crowd. Jesus told them to check again and feed the people. Everyone was feed to filling and there was plenty of spare left over. There was a huge problem and God came through with a huge miracle.

Everytime that we go through a big problem, it's an opportunity got God to show up in a big way. Our problems are opportunities. It's also a reminder that we need God. God doesn't send problems to us, but He certainly wants us to be reminded that we cannot do it on our own. These reminders are actually blessings and they are everywhere.

Have you even been nudged to do something by God and ignored it? What happened? We missed it! God moves on. We look back in retrospect and feel that we should have followed through with God's Request for us. When the oppotunity was there, we 'slept' through it. We missed that Blessing, but we need to learn from these situations and take advantage of the opportunities when God presents them before us.

If God nudges you to do it, do it. God has done some crazy awesome stuff when we've obeyed the nudge, so why wouldn't we do this at all times? Ever said "I just was at the right place at the right time." So many times we're at the right place at the right time, but we can't see it.

Have you ever tried to solve the problem your way instead of God's Way? The Disciples said 'Hey, Jesus, there's not enough food to feed all these people!' Jesus said 'Really? Why don't you check again?' We need to learn to do it God's Way, not our way. The amazing thing is that when we take advantage of one opportunity from God, it opens up another opportunity! But, if we don't, that door closes.

See, it's not about "What's in it for me?", "What's in it for Him?" We miss opportunities when we look at our own resources when we don't look at The Father. "Lord, I only have this much money, work this menial job, and live in this poor neighborhood!" The Lord doesn't desire you to examine your own place or station. He wants you to tap into His Resources. God wants to use you to develop your own miracle story! We also need to lean on The Lord's Understanding, not our own understanding.

When you bring your tithe to the local storehouse, He will poor out a blessing that is way more than you could even understand. Was it five loaves and two fish? Nope. We need to be the person who gave the lunch first. God wants to see you sacrifice first; be 'all in' first, then Our Father will Bless us beyond our beliefs. He wants to show off a bit for all of us, so let's let Him do so!

If you want to see God do big things, do big things first and expect the miracles to come.

Mark 6:30-44

- Jon Bruney
(credit to Injoy and John Maxwell)

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