January 27, 2019 Sermon

Back in Elementary School we learned things that you took for granted at that time. One lesson was compound words. It's easy to understand today, but in early elementary they were a challenge. Toothbrush and flowerpot are examples.

In Psalms, particularly in the King James Version, there's a compound word that the English Language had to create to translate the Hebrew word, hessed. The English translation is steadfastlove or lovingkindness. It's not based on merit, it's based on unconditional love from God. It is so far above what we can even comprehend. Hessed love is something that we struggle to understand; even Biblical scholars struggle to explain it.

Know that God's Love is so big and massive and hard to comprehend, but God Loves us so much, that each and every one of us will not fall through the cracks. God's Love makes us valued and important. Sometimes we take for granted the Love of God. We cannot do anything to earn it. We cannot get away from it. Yet, we, at times, treat it casually. But, if we treat it preciously through praise & worship and treasure it, we can get closer to understanding the hessed Love of God.

Hessed transforms us. It changes us. When we experience that love, we love others in a different way. The more God is upon us, the more that we become like God. We share His Nature with others and desire to move closer and closer to Him. The more that we allow God to speak over us and look into His Face, we experience compound love and we experience it day by day.

Strive for and claim The Lord's Hessed Love.

Psalms 36:5-12

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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