February 24, 2019 Sermon

On Thursday, a few of us are going to the Arnold Classic for a few days. While there, we're going to attend the International Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. They recipients receive a huge medallion, another smaller one for their desk and yet another to put on the wall. Some of these people deserve great accolades for their commitment to sport and to their craft. People like Hershel Walker, Randy Couture, Apollo Anton Ono, Bill Kazmeier, and many, many more. Regarding the church, shouldn't we also bestow honor onto the church and bestow honor onto our spouses as well?

In Ephesians, it discusses honoring one another in the household. Sometimes we get frustrated by our spouse. We get frustrated by others in our church family. But, what honors Christ is honoring each other. How have you treated one another? Regarding one another in high esteem when we are with people...and when we are not with them. We ought to celebrate the differences that each of us has rather than chastising these differences. Celebrating is understanding. We each have a unique story that brings unique challenges. We each have had our own brand of living that is different from each and every other person. Celebrate that.

We need to defer to one another and make room for one another's gifts. When we get jealous, it becomes the opposite of honor. Everyone has a calling and a place, but when you are jealous, you are insecure. When you are insecure, you cannot achieve that you have been put here for; your unique gifts will be squandered. Give people public praise and recognition. Giving others honor lifts people up and allows them to be recognized; this upliftment brings joy to Christ.

It's not enough in the church to think well of other people. We need to give honor, not keep it. He wants us to celebrate others because that celebrates Christ.

Sometimes we are insulted. We don't display honor by responding to insult with insult. When we respond to insult with honor, we can break a vicious cycle and open the doors toward celebrating Christ.

When do we miss honoring others? When we are overburdened and exhausted. We can honor others, but we need to save our best for our families at home. When we're overcommitted, you are not going to be able to honor other people.

Sometimes we can't honor others simply because we're selfish. What can I get? The happiness of your spouse will flourish when the happiness of your spouse becomes the priority for your happiness. When your spouse is enjoying things and sharing their excitement, you can be selfish and dismissive, or you can embrace that excitement and celebrate their happiness.

Immaturity keeps us from honors others. We try to demand our rights. When we do that in our relationships or our marriages, it never works. A culture of honor is giving 100% regardless of what others give because of the importance of honoring Christ.

Saying "I told ya so!" doesn't honor. A preacher once said: Lord, when we are wrong, help us to change, but when we're right, make us easy to live with.

Pettiness is like a leaky faucet. It's an annoying thing. The drip, drip, drip makes you crazy. Some of us are so petty that we get upset over such little things. The opposite of pettiness is grace. His Grace covers all and has Saved us, so shouldn't we give grace to others as well? Our pettiness doesn't honor Christ.

A culture of honor is not boring. Marriage and relationships should be an adventure. When we go on dates, we honor our relationship. We get excited, we wear clean clothes and cologne or perfume, and we spend more money than ever. How often do we do this after marriage? We need to have moments of fun with our spouse on dates because honoring our spouse honors Christ!

Unrealistic expectations can hurt. To be good or great at something makes you weaker in another area. No one is good at everything. Find out what your spouse is great in and give grace for those things that they are not.

Lack of intimacy can create strangers under the same roof. People can go to church with others for years--decades!--and never really know who they are. When Adam and Eve drifted off course, God found them and initiated the honor. Intimacy will transform the church. When people are honored and encouraged, they feel warm and experience happiness. But, more importantly, they honor Christ.

When we give away honor to each other, we give honor to Christ.

Ephesians 5:21-33

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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