March 3, 2019 Sermon

Ever touched that electricity ball at a children's or science museum? It's a charge that's connects in the air and the static causes our hair to stand up. That static charge is much like the spiritual charge that we get from the connection we get with The Lord. We must have connections if we desire to keep the spiritual charge.

God asks us to pray for healing. God asks us to pray for Resurrection. We shouldn't pray for things to get better. We should pray for things to be the best! We need to start charging the atmosphere with belief. Sometimes our thoughts and our words charge the atmosphere with unbelief. Think about it: We know when we walk into a place whether it is negatively or positively charged, right? We know this. With that we know where there is a charge of belief or a charge of unbelief.

"Things never work out for me." "I'll pray, but it probably won't work." "I'll never be able to afford it."

"Things are going to work out for me!" "I'll pray that this will work!" "I WILL afford this!"

Where do you fit: the first phrases or the second? Words are super important. In Mark, there was little faith among the people as there was a little girl who was dying. Many were negative about the circumstances, saying "[the girl] is dead", but Jesus said "Don't be afraid. Just believe." Later, the girl rose and was healed.

Sometimes you've have to have faith for your friends. We need to create the atmosphere of faith for those who are needy. We need to put feet to our prayers. Sometimes we allow our own hindering blocks to get in the way of the atmosphere of faith. Just push on, push aside your own conditions, and pray.

Jesus always recognizes real faith and He loves to point it out. When Jesus and three Disciples joined in prayer with someone who desperately needed it, He spoke about the collective faith, not solely His own. The Power of Faith charged the room and allowed for healing. The faith of seeing the man healed in their minds over and over led to the actual healing.

As the Body of Christ, it's time to create the atmosphere of faith.

Mark 2, Mark 5:21-25, Mark 5:35-43

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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