March 31, 2019 Sermon

Daniel was determined to know what would happen to his people in the last days. Have you ever wondered what your children would do when they became adults? Of course! How our children do in live is the most important thing for parents. Daniel was a "statesman" for Israel. But, his people were of value to God, so Daniel could rest easy, but his worry was "parentlike".

In Revelation, there were twenty-four leaders seated on twenty-four thrones. They represent us, the church. The "Rapture" means "to catch up" or "snatch away". The word "rapture" is not actually mentioned in The Bible, but we use it to describe Christ being sent to "catch up" His People. These thrones are sometimes confused as Thrones of the Disciples. But, there weren't 24 Disciples, there were only 12.

Did you know that God retains your prayers? He saves them! Know that Christ will return and He will catch those who are His. Those who are raptured would reign with Him in Heaven.'

During the Tribulation Period, God's Focus returns to His Nation, Israel. Why is it that Israel such a hot topic? Why do so many Muslims want to wipe it off the face of the earth? The enemy wants to destroy God's Land. During the Tribulation, people will turn to Christ. Back in Revelation, it discusses how people will line up during the Tribulation to be saved. Daniel was determined to know what would happen to his people. He hoped that they were prepared and that they'd be raptured into Heaven. Those who would not would face the strongest and most intense judgement.

We should repent...quickly. We ought to get to the point that we walk in obedience so that we can hear the Voice of God and need the Voice of God. God loves us and He will give us the best wisdom.

I want to be born twice and die once. Being Born Again can lead us to dying once and being set up for a Heavenly Welcome. We shall not die, but there will be another body, still alive, and transformed into Heavenly Bodies that will live forever.

You'll either be born twice and die once, or you'll be born once and die twice.

Daniel 10, Revelation 1, I Thessalonians 4, Matthew 19, Revelation 5:8-10, Daniel 12

- "Bishop" Fred Vice

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