April 7, 2019 Sermon

Let's talk about breakthrough. A major barrier to experience breakthrough in our lives may surprise you. If you feel stuck, this is a good day for you.

What is a breakthrough? A sudden development that forever changes the way we do things. Pencillin. Steam engines. Printing press. Electricity. Refrigeraton. Gunpowder. Once you have a discovery or invention that changes everything, you can never go back. The same is true when we experience a Miracle. A breakthrough can change us forever. However, just because we can never go back doesn't mean that we're always going forward. There's no guarantee that you'll keep moving forward.

What is the biggest barrier to keeping you from new breakthroughs? Old breakthroughs. In Isaiah, God says:

“Forget the former things;
     do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
     Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"

God wants us to keep moving toward new breakthroughs, not dwell in our older ones. God doesn't want us to stay in the norm; He wants us to continue to move forward. Don't camp out on your old breakthroughs. Don't rest on your laurels.

When you get delivered, the enemy will always try and suck you back. We can't afford to camp out in His Breakthroughs for us. We must keep moving.

God's Promises are the same today as they were yesterday and as they will be forever. But, the way that God honors His Promises will be different every time. If we continue to dwell, we will miss out on His New Promises for us.

When we play in Little League, we get a new ball glove. That glove, although it looks great, is awkward and stiff. It's not great, but we love it. As we play over the season, the glove gets better and better and we get more and more comfortable. But as it starts to unravel and break down, we don't want to leave it. We want to play with that comfortable glove forever. But, if we can just leave that old, broken down glove behind, we can experience the blessing of an even newer ball glove. See, churches that close their doors every day around the world do so because they are stuck in the "glory days" of the past. It's time for a new thing; it requires leaving things behind and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We need to trust going into that new thing. It can be very hard because the Holy Spirit doesn't always tell us directly what that new thing is. See, it's the new thing where your faith is tested. God led His People to deliverance and crushing the enemy, but then they starting complaining once they got into the desert, didn't they? Even today, we will either have a breakthrough or we will have a breakdown. Anytime you move forward, it causes friction. It will happen; it's guaranteed. You will face resistance. Certainly the enemy will resist, but sometimes the ones that we are closest to will offer the most resistance.

Why is dwelling in the same breakthrough so dangerous for others? We can sometimes find that our own breakthroughs don't happen overnight or it takes lots of work, so it's natural that we can dissuade others from experiencing their own breakthrough by saying things like "I already tried that...doesn't work" or "you're wasting your time with that". Then, we can crush others' breakthroughs.

God wants to do amazing things for us. He reveals and conceals from us at the same time. If God performs a Miracle on us, it may go unnoticed by others. What God does for you, He may do something else for someone else.

I provide water in the wilderness
     and streams in the wasteland,
to give drink to my people, my chosen,
     the people I formed for myself
     that they may proclaim my praise.

He wants to refresh us so that we can serve. Acts of Praise and Worship are litergical. Litergy is work; it literally means "work". Are you part of an audience or are you part of the work crew? If you aren't getting anything out of it, it could be because you aren't putting anything into it. We aren't the audience. God is the Audience.

If you'd like to experience a breakthrough, you only can do so as a participant, not a spectator. God is the Spectator and desires to see us win!

Isaiah 43:16-21

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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