April 14, 2019 Sermon

In Matthew, it tells the story of the triumphant entrance of Jesus on Palm Sunday. But, would it have made any difference if it was on a Monday? The Hebrew calendar makes it plain that it took place on a Sunday. If it was a Sunday, it was the first day of work. Saturday was the sabbeth. Plus, the Passover was coming and people would have been tremendously busy regardless. It's also a depressing day because it's the first day of work for the week, right? See, Jesus' actions defined our "Monday Mindset". When Jesus came, it was to redefine the mindset of the people; the city was transformed from a mundane, sullen, regular-ol' day into a dynamic, excited, faith-filled day. He forced the issue and made it so that the status quo was disrupted...forever.

Jesus wants to show up on Sunday...and Mondays...and Tuesday...and...

The city was stirred. It was like an earthquake. There was a shaking. So, was this supposed to be a one-time event? No! It should be every day. Who's responsibility is it to shake the home, the community, the society? Ours! We need to be living in the triumphant arrival of Jesus every single day.

If it was anyone else on consequence showing up, there would have been pomp and circumstance, flag waving, a parade, loud presentation, etc. But, even bigger was the arrival of Jesus on a donkey on a work day. It changed the course of history!

Sunday is a filling up and the rest of the week is the flowing out. Your boss should notice. Your community should notice. Your friends and family should notice.

What kind of crowds were there in town when Jesus showed up?

The curious crowd. There were many people who simply came because they heard about the commotion or they heard about the event, so they came to see.

The confused crowd. They asked a lot of questions: Who is this guy? Why is He here? What are His Plans? They need someone there to help understand.

The 'pretender' crowd. You find out who's truly committed and who's truly not. Are you sold (souled) out? Are you all in?

The opposing crowd. There will be people opposed to Jesus because it messes with their agenda. They will cause friction because the status quo has been disrupted. The moment you bring Jesus in, you will be challenged.

The committed crowd. These were the ones who were there every step of the way.

Are you curious? Confused? A pretender? An opposer? Committed? One thing to know is that no matter where you're at at this point, Jesus is going to show up, so you best be ready.

Jesus wants to show up in your life and the lives of others on Sundays..., Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Matthew 21:1-17, John 12:1, John 12:12

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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