April 28, 2019 Sermon

"Jesus, if you're really out there, will you show yourself to me?" We all think this at times. We are times robbed of joy, jaded from past experiences, go through discouragement, feel anger, etc. When we have these different emotions, we can start to doubt that Christ is there and that God's Love if always with us. "God, did you really forgive me?" But, know that in the most difficult times in your life, God is there with you!

So, what happens when Jesus shows up? Know that when Jesus shows up, the party starts! Demons are cast out, people are raised from the dead, water turns to wine, blind people can now sea, and everyone gets to participate in the all-you-can-eat fish & chips buffet. But, what happens after Jesus dies? What about when he shows up then?

When, Where, and Who does Jesus show up for?

When? After Jesus was crucified, the Disciples felt guilt, confused, helpless, fear. They didn't know what was ahead for them. "What does the future hold for me?" Their faith was weak and they were discouraged. But, when their faith was at it's weakest, that's when Jesus showed up.

Where? We have a tendency to close our doors and put up barriers around ourselves. Know that no door or barrier can stop Jesus from busting through when He's ready to do so!

Who? The Disciples were pretty messed up. Some were arrogrant. Some had attitudes. Some lost faith. They were flawed. So are we. Jesus comes to flawed, mistake-making people and comes to transform lives! When the Disciples saw His Presence, they were overjoyed. They went from fear to cheer.

What happened when Jesus showed up?

First, people received the gift of peace. God knows your location and your situation. "Peace be unto you." Jesus knew exactly where to find the men when they are hiding and in the midst of their storm.

Next, Jesus gave them the proof that the was Resurrected. He showed them His Scars and they saw the place He had been buried was now empty.

Then, He gave them a renewed purpose. We need this renewal also. Jesus wanted to equip them to serve and wanted them to know that it's not over. God has a plan, a dream, and a destiny for our lives. He Breathes new life into you and our future.

Finally, He gave them the Power of The Holy Spirit. He made sure that the Disciples were covered in the armor and had the weapons to confront the enemy. He took away their fear and replaced it with peace, encouragement, and empowerment.

God wants to give you proof of who He is. Great things happen when you get in the Presence of Jesus.
Carry Jesus with you today and tomorrow. Receive what He wants to bring. "Peace be unto you."

John 20:19-29

- Jon Bruney
(credit to Kevin Jones)

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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