May 5, 2019 Sermon

"Choose your rut carefully because you're going to be in it for the next 150 miles." This is a road sign in rural Alaska. Are you in a rut right now? Have you ever felt like that?

Neuroplasticity is the science that says that your brain can be molded and changed at any age. See, the brain is "plastic" and changing all the time. The cells are regenerating at a rate that they change completely once every seven years. Through neuroplasticity, your brain can be "rewired" in a way that affects the other functions of the body.

You have over 100 million neurons. Through visualization and imagination, the brain can mold into a pattern that reorganizes the body's faculties and operations. This means that science proves that positive thinking can yield positive results, but it also means that negative thinking can yield negative results. Good thoughts, practicing singing or instruments, and writing poetry are ways that our neuroplasticity can benefit us. But, bad childhood experiences, incidents in war, or tragic circumstances can affect us negatively.

We are lifelong learners. We can experience radical transformations. In Acts, one that experienced this was the Apostle Paul.

Saul had been a vicious persecutor of the followers of Jesus. He was brutal. He was struck by Jesus and blinded. A man named Ananias had a vision from God that he needed to witness to Saul. Ananias knew about Saul's brutality, so he was hesitant. But, Jesus was persistent. Ananias honored The Word of God and witnesses to Saul. Immediately, the "scale" fell from Saul's eyes and he could see. He was converted--born again--and he took the name Paul. It changed him from the inside out and Paul went everywhere to preach the Word of God henceforth.

You are never too old to have your life changed radically. You are never too far from God to have your life changed radically. Know that God is always able to radically able to change your situation.

But, how do we get this radical change for our own lives? God has the ability to convert people instantly. But, for most people, it isn't an instant thing. It isn't "taser therapy"; it's "obedience therapy". By deliberately training our thoughts to be obedient to Him, we patiently, yet radically grow through The Lord.

If anyone is new in Christ, every that is old is gone and everything that's new becomes truth. We need the Power of the Word to overcome our emotions and our enemy. The enemy wants to lie to us and will use those lies to confuse us and defeat us. When you speak, you make it so. If you confess ill of self, you'll be ill. If you confess greatness, you'll be great. Why? Because the God of Peace will be with you.

Know that the most important conversations we have is with ourselves. Take control of these thoughts and conversations. Our brain are lazy so we must take control over it. If you're always thinking thoughts of failure, you'll always be stuck in failure mode. But, it takes so much more effort and energy to overcome the laziness of our brains to instill positive thoughts to get into success mode. We can only overcome this laziness with our active partnership with Christ.

Look to Christ and take captive your words and thoughts.

Acts 9:1-19

- Jon Bruney
(credit to Homiletics)

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