May 12, 2019 Sermon

Think about the legacy that our mothers, grandmothers, greatgrandmothers, and mother-like mentors in our lives. Moms are writing their stories every day...and the stories of others.

You can't measure stories by their length. You measure them by influence. Every story has a beginning and an end, but the bulk of the story is all of the pages in between. What do mothers' stories include?

Moms show unconditional love. In a car accident, no parent asks "How's the car?!?" Mothers know that their children are going to make mistakes, sometimes big ones. Yet, they still love their kids no matter what. They always ask "Are you okay?!?"

Moms are the best teachers. Mothers teach responsibility. Mothers teach character. Mothers teach integrity. Mothers teach stewardship. Mothers pass their values on to their children. It's so important. See, we own nothing. God owns it all. At the moment you're born, you are in 9 months of debt to your mother; have ever thought about it that way?

Moms are great communicators. Listening with your hears, but also with your eyes. Moms are the best at that. Mothers listen through the eyes, through their touch, and through their time. In the 1950s, parents spent 54% of their time with their kids. Today, it's 18%. Create special nights with your kids. Date nights. Movie nights. Game nights.

There are two conditions of a great story:

You must have the right author. Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith.

You must have the right here. Christ is the hero of our story.

If these conditions are present, you'll have a great story. Keep Jesus in your story and your legacy will be passed along.

With Jesus, you'll live a great story.

Psalm 90:9-12 (KJV)

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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