July 14, 2019 Sermon

What do you pack for a long trip? If you were to go with Jesus personally and gone on a missions trip with Him, you'd be surprised by the preparations that were made.

When Jesus appoints, Jesus annoints. Jesus sent people in advance that represented Him, The Kingdom of God. He didn't send a Hollywood endorser. He didn't send a mailer. He didn't send any of the Pharisees. Jesus was looking for local people that He could empower and trust to spread His Message. These people didn't stand out to the world, but they stood out to Him. These roughly 70 folks had power to influence people for the Kingdom.

Pack light. Don't even pack shoes. Jesus didn't want them to be distracted. He told them to focus on the dangers, but rely on the kindness of strangers. Jesus was open & honest with people, but He was so vulnerable and approachable. Jesus sent them out in twos; there is power when we get together.

Look at the jobs that they had. Heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God. What is "sickness"? It's not just physical disease. It's family disfunction. It's financial instability. All of us have some form of "sickness". Jesus gave those the Gift of Authority to heal the sick and proclaim His Holy Name. It was their authority that draw attention to who they were.

What were the results? Our job is to do the work, God's Job is to provide the Harvest. If we just shake the tree, the fruit will drop into our baskets. There's passing joy in that demons were submitting. Rejoice that you will have a Heavenly Position and an earthly privilege.

Look at the Joy of the Master. When we perform ministry, it brings so much joy to God. What would the world be like if we all worked on His Ministry in obedience? What would His Joy look like for us to submit to His Glory?

If you ever go to a flea market, you might find knock-offs. They are not authentic. Some of us are flea-market followers. We are not walking in the authority of Jesus Christ. God has called us to have more than church and sing songs. We need to gather together, yes, but we are called to something much higher! God will give us whatever we need!

When Jesus appoints, Jesus annoints. Shake the tree and expect that harvest. Be authentic.

Luke 10:1-21

- Jon Bruney

Zion Missionary Church - Fremont, Indiana

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