August 19, 2018 Sermon

Many times, inventions are developed out of necessity. Tupperware, Super Soakers, Post-It Notes, Silly Putty, etc. All of these things came about as innovations. Nothing that we've experienced as humans came about without God's Knowledge. God is the ultimate innovator. What innovations has God created?

The Righteousness Innovation. It's one of God's Greatest Projects. How does righteousness work? Previously, righteousness could only be achieved by following the law. Later, we learned that none of us are righteous on our own; we all sin. We must have The Lord with us. We're only righteous when we become the Righteousness of God, not because of what we've done, but by what Jesus has done. It starts with "right believing". It's about trusting not in ourselved, but trusting in Him. It's about humbling ourselves to know that we cannot do it alone; we need Him. It's about the right relationship and it starts with right believing. When we know what Jesus has done for me, then we can know that we are nothing without Him. When we judge, we establish a system where we decide that we follow the rules better than others, and that is self-righteousness. God wants us to know that this is not how we are saved. We are ONLY saved through the personal faith in The Son, Jesus Christ. It's a promise-based relationship; a covenant. How many times did they blow it in the Old Testament? Over and over and over, right? Yet, God still stepped in a renewed and renewed and renewed. Doesn't God deserve our everlasting thanks, day in and day out?

The Redemption Innovation. God sent redemption to all His People. What is redemption? The redeemer paid the debt for the debtor. Redemption is paying the creditor and redeeming your stuff back. When we do things wrong, we deserve the punishment. The Lord took the punishment for us. We have been redeemed.

The fear of the Lord is not cowering in a corner, afraid of Him. The fear of the Lord is respecting the covering that the Lord has given to us. It all comes down to the fact that we are God's Greatest Innovation. God prepares the way for us. Before the earth was created, the foundations and plan for us was already in place by the Lord. Through His Power, we're still being formed like the potter forms the clay. We become His Work of Art.

Are you respecting and living as the Innovation of God?

Psalms 111:1-10

- Jon Bruney
(credit to Homiletics)

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